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Australian foxtel NBN modem

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Morning everyone,


I am having the nbn connected in a week (100 D 40 u) and I'm wondering if anyone here has their nbn through foxtel. I am hoping the modem pictured here will be compatible with the duma. Any help will be appreciated.




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Are you sure that's the modem you'll receive? NBN will supply their own ARRIS modem which has zero router functionality. The Foxtel router will likely connect to that.


Who did you go through for the NBN? I went with Aussie Broadband and they've been great. I had some trouble connecting the Netduma to the NBN modem and they helped me to troubleshoot the issue, which is unusual as ISPs usually won't support third-party devices. Not only that, but they offered to refund me for the router I purchased from them as it wasn't needed.


When you do get connected to the NBN, chances are you'll be in the same boat and may not need the Foxtel router, unless it's powering your Foxtel connection (unlikely as the NBN installer will split the cable between the NBN modem and the Foxtel connection). If you try to chain the Netduma R1 with the Foxtel router, you'll likely have difficulty getting it to work and may end up with double-NAT issues. I couldn't get my R1 to play friendly with the Aussie Broadband supplied Netgear router as it didn't support bridged mode in IPoE mode, so my only option was to bypass it if I wanted to continue using the R1.


Note that you may need to play with the different settings on the Netduma WAN page to get it to connect direct to the NBN modem, depending on the ISP and connection type. I ended up using the NBN modem's MAC address in the Netduma WAN page because none of the other settings were supported on a HFC (previously Telstra cable) connection. However, after an internet outage at the exchange, the R1 couldn't connect to the internet. After rebooting the modem and adding the R1's MAC addy into the page, rebooting the R1, then disabling all WAN options on the R1 and rebooting again, it now works flawlessly...no idea why.

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If you have a modem I would try to bypass their router if possible. If not no worries, just put the R1 in it's DMZ and disable it's WiFi. That way all devices can stay connected to the R1 and make the most of it's features.

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If that does prove to be your modem, I'd be tempted to bridge it, if possible, instead of chaining the R1. I did that with no problems using the Telstra cable modem before NBN. Bridging is much easier than messing around with separate subnets, DMZ, double-nat etc.

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