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WAN Connection: DHCP

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Hi Guys...

My network looks like this:
Wall -> Duma (Currently running on PPPoE)

A trial ISP I signed up for has sent me:

Technology: Fibre
Port: 2
Speed: 250/100
WAN Connection: DHCP
IP Address: x.x.x.x

Can I configure the DUMA to connect to them?
As I am unfamiliar with a WAN DHCP.

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Yes you should be able to no problem. Is that all the information they have given you? There should be more information, at least:


Subnet Mask + Gateway IP
A default subnet would be but it may not be that. The gateway IP will likely replace the 83 at the end of your IP to a 1 but its a guess, then you'd use the gateway IP as primary DNS also.
Also I've removed the IP from your post as that will end up being your public IP.
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