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Slow Wi-Fi speeds

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I'm looking for some help.


I just had my broadband connection upgraded from a horrible 2Mb to fibre and I'm now getting 75Mb down 19Mb up (yay!)


I went through the set up of my netduma and on my main PC (which is wired directly to the netduma) I get the full 75/19 speeds on various speed test sites.

However, none of the wireless devices connected to the netduma go above 30Mb down. If I connect them directly to my Sky hub they get 70Mb down so there must be a bottle neck somewhere in the wireless connection to the netduma. 


I've been sat for hours now playing with the configuration options and nothing seems to be getting my wifi speeds higher than 30Mb down.


Here are the things I've tried so far.


Wi-fi Channel congestion: I live on a new build estate so there aren't many other houses around me. I've analysed wifi channels near me using WifiInfoView and most people are using channel 1 (there are 5 of them) and one person using channel 6 so I'm using wi-fi channel 11 all to myself, the next closest channel being used that my PC can detect is channel 7 but it's obviously quite far away due to the signal strength. I've also tried channel 6 and it makes no difference to my download speeds to be honest so I think I can rule wifi channel congestion out


Router position: My Netduma is positioned on my desk right next to my Sky hub and hard wired to it. I've disabled the WiFi on my Sky hub. The wireless devices I'm testing with are all being tested within a metre's distance from the netduma so I think I can safely rule out interference in the house between the device and the router. I've actually tried moving around the house and no matter where I am I get the same download of between 25-30 Mb.


Netduma settings: I've tried switching off/on various items in the misc settings page on the netduma, turbo mode, stealth mode, I've disabled deep packet processing to name a few. Nothing I change seems to make a difference.


I'm really out of ideas now and would appreciate some advice. As I say, the hard wired PC gets the full download speeds of 75Mb, it's ONLY wireless devices that seem to have the download throttled and if I connect them directly to my sky hub they get 70Mb down..


Thanks in advance!

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You should be able to hit about 70 Mbps on the Netduma wifi...


Click on Congestion Control on the left hand side of the NETDUMA interface and then click on 'Set Bandwidth'. Enter the speeds you pay for in the Internet Connection download and upload boxes. Then click 'Update Bandwidth'.



A box will appear asking if you want it to automatically set up according to your speeds. Select Yes.



And also make sure wifi workaround is off in misc settings.

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I've done both of those things. Setting the bandwidth was actually one of the 1st things I did when I got the upgrade yesterday and wi-fi workaround was already off. I've tried with it on just in case but still no difference so it's disabled again


As I say my hardwired PC connected to the netduma is fine and benefits from the full 75Mb down. it's ONLY the wi-fi speeds that are being throttled

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Are there any physical obstructions around the router like a wall etc? Also avoid having it in an area other wireless/electrical devices. Most wireless device operate on the 2.4GHz frequency and are more likely to cause interference so move any wireless headphones etc away from the router. Believe it or not a microwave can mess with WiFi signals!

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Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your patience helping with this.


The router is on my desk underneath a monitor riser and this is all on the top floor of the house well out of the way of any microwaves etc. The sky hub is right next to the netduma but I've completely disabled the wireless access point on the sky hub. I have the 2 mobile phones, laptop and ipad I've been testing this with no further than 1 metre away from the netduma in direct line of sight of it. My iphone 7 is literally 10 cms away from the netduma as we speak and it consistently gets 30-35 Mb down when my PC that is wired to the netduma gets 75Mb down. I've just tried unplugging/switching off anything else nearby that could be causing interference. I've unplugged my wireless headphones and physically moved them to the other side of the room and ensured they are switched off. I've disabled bluetooth on anything in the room that uses it. I've removed any charging cables plugged into the PC. I've tried pulling the netduma out so it's sat right in the middle of the desk and whatever I do the download speed using either my phone or laptop is always a fairly consistent 30-35Mb. That remains the same wherever I am in the house so at this stage I'm more than satisfied that I'm not suffering from some sort of interference. As I say, if I enabled the wireless access point on the sky hub and connect something directly to it (bypassing the netduma), I get the full 75Mb down over wireless and the same 30-35Mb down via the netduma. I'm fairly confident this may be a config problem somewhere I just cant seem to work out what could b e causing it

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Actually I've done a bit more checking and it turns out the sky hub (which is new) has 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If I disable the 5GHz and connect wirelessly to it via 2.4 GHz, I'm getting exactly the same speeds as the Netduma (30-35Mb). I'm only getting the full 75Mb down if I'm connected via 5GHz. So I think we can safely assume it's not a config problem and something to do with the 2.4 GHz signal where I am. I'll do a bit more playing around with position and Wi Fi channel to see if I can improve it but for now please ignore this thread since I'm having the issue on both routers. I'll update this thread with any outcomes when I work it out in case anybody else has the same issue :)

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