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Fifa 18 Ps4 Seasons/Draft Massive difference

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Seasons gameplay is smooth for me < 40ms ping.

However draft gameplay even with 10 ms ping is soooo delayed, impossible to play. Players with 90 pace feel like they have 30 pace, so sluggish, can't turn around with the ball.


I guess both modes are P2P, so why such a huge difference even with lower ping in draft? ;/

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I don't play FIFA so I don't know the difference between the modes. I know a lot of people have this issue whether they have a Netduma or not. Here are a few things to try.


  1. Make sure the PS4 is set to turn off properly when you turn it off. Don't allow it to go into rest mode. Then turn off and wait for a minute and turn it back on. 
  2. There may or may not be a setting called "boost mode" available in system settings of the PS4. If you do have it then I would suggest enabling it.
  3. Don't use UPnP, instead manually port forward the required ports for the game: 





  4. Try to force different servers on the Geo-filter and see which ones play best for you.
  5. Ignore the fact that the link is for Xbox & Fifa 17, there might be some useful suggestions that I haven't mentioned:
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Cheers for linking our site Fraser. EA have started using dedicated servers for different modes but draft and seasons still use P2P. The delay problems rather than "lag" are not connection to opponent related that we can work out. New content is coming on our site which will hopefully help the lives of millions and show EA what the problem is. We need to test fully what we found on FIFA 17 to be sure for FIFA 18.

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