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  1. I don't know but menu and gameplay seems much smoother when I authenticate with 100ms server rather than 200ms +. Not sure why it never uses UK/Ireland server tho.
  2. How to force authentication with EU servers instead of NA?
  3. Why does it connect me to NA servers all the time, even to banned ones.
  4. https://i.imgur.com/F0UeCFC.png So which server am I being connected to? when I use auto ping host it shows that I'm getting connected to server with 200 ping...and I got strict mode on and ping assist at 29
  5. Hello, Where could I get a power adapter to netudma router because I've lost one. I live in the uk, ordered from amazon.
  6. ID: 7723dba6c016999e Also geo shows it's located in USA, but 22ms from London.
  7. ID: ac9fdea93c4b9499 I always connect to this server. Geo shows it's located in USA, and it shows ping 18 and I live in London.
  8. Hello, Seasons gameplay is smooth for me < 40ms ping. However draft gameplay even with 10 ms ping is soooo delayed, impossible to play. Players with 90 pace feel like they have 30 pace, so sluggish, can't turn around with the ball. I guess both modes are P2P, so why such a huge difference even with lower ping in draft? ;/
  9. I got same problems, but when I disconnect netduma it's still here so it's not netduma's fault i guess. My only solution is to play after midnight, then everything works smooth.
  10. u got BT hub connected to netduma? can you show me ur BT and netduma settings please
  11. It's got to do with ports coz when I disconnect netduma and put ps4 into dmz then I get home games.
  12. Hello, I've got BT infinity 2. I've put Netduma into DMZ. Got nat type 2 in PS4, but I'm always an away side in fifa 18. How do I fix this please
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