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Anyone ever done this before?


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I randomly decided to run a network diagnostics test on the Duma, but I had forgot that I had a couple of devices connected to my BT modem/router rather than the Duma because my PS4 had its settings auto-saved, and a couple of hours ago I was testing out my new Sony phone's Remote Play feature on the same WiFi band for convenience rather than turning the Netduma's WiFi back on. I failed to disconnect and make sure all of my devices were connected purely to the Duma afterwards...


When I finished the test I had the usual exceptional grade for ping and spikes with no packet loss, but my jitter showed a good grade which I'd never seen before. When I was with Virgin Media last year I saw good grades all the time because it was a jittery mess and my base latency was so much higher that I rarely saw exceptional for ping too. It took me a while to realise my PS4 was still on WiFi, as I wanted to test the Remote Play app while downloading something. It was still downloading when I ran the network diagnostic test.


I wanted to create this thread not just because I thought it was funny that I couldn't initially work out why my stellar Infinity connection suddenly seemed to be taking a dump and I clearly had an epic fail moment, but also because the results of the test surprised me. While a good grade for jitter is obviously not ideal, the spikes actually weren't that large...


My base latency still hovered around the 9ms mark, but I only had one or two spikes of around 18-22ms at most. I ran the test a few more times when I was still under the impression I was doing nothing wrong and my connection was playing up, and only two or three of the results exceeded 9ms on each test. The highest spike was 22ms.


It just got me thinking about how each ISP and type of connection performs. It's not FTTH because Infinity uses a length of copper between the cabinet on the end of my street and my socket, yet these results seemed to be excellent despite the congestion. My game was downloading at full bandwidth on the PS4 - a consistent 8MB/48Mb~ per second (I pay for 50Mb download).


When I was with Virgin I could never get an exceptional grade for jitter as it spiked to 30-50ms every two seconds WITHOUT FAIL, regardless of whether or not I used Congestion Control, and i could never get decent grades on DSLReports' connection quality test. Is it just me or are a mere couple of 20ms spikes while (accidentally) fully flooding my line absolutely incredible? When I finally realised why it was happening, my frustration turned to laughter because I'd have expected even an FTTC connection to turn to sh!te after that!


Just thought I'd share because I have such a poor experience in CoD thanks to connections these days, and this really rubs salt in the wounds!

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I've done that before as well

Fair play though I handled it well considering.

Not sure if ps4 is the same but I have notice on xbox one that if I am playing infinite warfare my downloads automatically slow down to like 2Mbps but go back to full speed when I quit the game.

Must be Microsoft's built in qos

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