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Evidently I've done something incorrect. I see the hosts, I have Strict enabled, and I went through a checklist posted on Twitter to get me started fine tuning.

I see no difference in gameplay at this time. I'm actually not positive if it's connected correctly. I'm running 100 mbps.  I currently have the Netduma running behind a NetGear WNDR4300. 


My setup is as such:


 I do not have a separate modem. I think its a modem/router. At least I guess it is. 

ISP to LAN port (yellow) of the WNDR4300. 

Using the red wire provided with the NetDuma, from WAN of the WNDR4300 to PoE of the NetDuma.

From there I have one ethernet wire to my Xbox One, and one ethernet wire ran to my Xbox 360.

I reserved the IP of the NetDuma in the WNDR4300.

I've enabled UPnP also.


As far as internal settings in the consoles.I have them both set to auto detect.


If anyone has a better ideas and or internal settings in the regular router or the NetDuma, please message me. I'm beginning to getr discouraged, thanks.

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