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If you mean the box telling you that you are connected to another router than this is perfectly normal. It’s difficult to offer help without knowing your exact setup.


Have you put the Netduma into DMZ of your other router?


Could you post how you have things set up?

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  • Netduma Staff

I have tried everything in the Guides and still, it says my NATtype is not open. I get the blue box of death on the NetDuma. Any help?




Hey, welcome to your forum! The advice above is great - the blue box will contain a WAN IP at the bottom. If you copy that WAN IP and go to your modem interface, you can paste it into the DMZ box there. (Should be found under security settings).


Also try enabling 'UPnP Forwarding' in Settings > Miscellaneous (on the Netduma).


As a general rule which will help, only enable the Geo-filter once you are on the Matchmaking menu of the game you're playing. This can prevent the Geo-filter from causing a closed / moderate NAT.


Please let us know your setup and how you get on :)

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