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D2 server ids

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right i was getting constant anteater errors and i mean constant every 5 seconds booted out then back into the game , no padlocked servers no hosts showing , but through trial and error i managed to get the duma sorted and picked up these 2 ids 


ID: dd34fcc7d17c252a    Distance: 7160km east coast usa
ID: 6b12d39eaf0ad8dd    Distance: 4619km west coast usa triangle
the first was a padlocked server the 2nd as listed was a triangle out of range host but i was trying alsorts by then and i expanded the filter to include this host and the game ran ok and the padlock didnt show up any more , and then it really went fubar once i got into the game proper.
again theres no hosts listed or showing up even now theres no hosts showing as it stands i wouldnt even think of going into the crucible as the duma is totally open.
if needed a tech can again go 121 and look at my current duma set up that i have had to use to get the game to play.
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