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Hello Everyone and Questions Right Away :)


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Hi Everone


I decided to pull the trigger last night and becoming a member of this community after exchanging a couple of emails with Fraser and reading comments.


My Netduma is on its way and should be delivered today, so my question is what is the optimized inital setup you guys would recommend?


I have the following devices that will be used with Netduma


- Bell Modem (Home Hub 3000) FTTH (1Gbps down - 100Mbps down)

- Ethernet Cables (Xbox One 1 - PC)

- Wireless (Xbox One 2 - TV's - Cellphones - Tablets)


My main gaming where connection matters a lot to me is on Xbox One 1 playing FIFA and Call of Duty, and Im based in Canada

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


As you are aware you won't get your full speeds, you won't experience local congestion with your speeds and so congestion control can't be used.


So when you enter your bandwidth speeds allow it to auto setup for you. 


Go straight to the Geo-filter, not exactly sure where players/servers will be located in reference to you but I usually recommend ~1000km radius, strict on and ping assist 0. You can change it up if that's too strict etc.

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Hey Fraser... yeah Im aware of the speed and honestly on xbox one is not an issue however I prefer to have the full speed on my PC, do you suggest that I connect the PC directly to my ISP Modem/Router? As a matter of fact even all my wifi connection through the same way and basically just using Netduma for xbox?

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