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  1. oh I'm sorry I misunderstood you. Its kinda difficult to connect both of them to the XR because of the way this home was built there is one line connecting two buildings (which is currently being used between the XR and HG (ISP) modem). so I guess its impossible to have them both with open NAT unless I connect both PC's to the XR, right? I mean I'm thinking about running a cable outdoor but the thing is soon there will be about (6) PC's going online with maybe (4) of them who will be on COD lobbies
  2. Well actually they are not both connected to the XR. The way it is being setup is PC (1) ——> HG (ISP) Modem PC (2) ——> XR 500 ——> HG (ISP) Modem
  3. Thanks for your help... kinda find the problem and its because the HG modem had the ports triggered so when its disabled I am getting open NAT. The issue is, there is another PC connected directly to the HG modem and the only way to get open NAT on it is by triggering the ports. Will try to find a solution on it... meanwhile I am open for suggestions if you have any in order to get open NAT on both devices... thanks
  4. still moderate... ISP Modem is Huawei HG8145V tried fresh install of windows, game and reset to factory the XR500
  5. I know its an annoying topic but I tired as much as I can to fix it but it all failed. So I did a factory reset after updating to the latest firmware and hoping someone can help me fix it. Setup PC --> XR500 --> ISP Modem --> ( --> Current settings that have been changed - DMZ XR500 on ISP Modem - DMZ PC on XR500 - Static IP Address for PC and XR500 - NAT Filtering set to Open - UPNP Off Tried the following but removed them - Port Forwarding all ports that I found on the internet in regards to Warzone - Turned UPNP on and off while port forwarding - NAT Filtering on and off - Tried Xbox networking but it seems its broken because everytime I test it, at first it shows problems at first test, then afterwards either I pressed fix it or not once I do a second test it shows its fixed until I close the window and do the test again with same results and experience. Edit: I even tried to disable the firewall on my PC and still moderate.
  6. My return window for a full refund on the XR500 just ended 2 days ago and I was so close on the edge from returning it, but decided to hold into it and see what 3.0 will put on the table.
  7. In theory minimizing hops is better in general, but it can be worsen sometimes ex. taking less hops but with bad performance hops can really be worse. Additionally to the test above, 6ms isn't it too minimal difference? that those margins are not stable and servers sometimes have a margin of (10+,10-) of latency. What I am trying to say is if you do another multiple tests, you might find ISP SKY gets 87ms and NordVPN getting 101ms and vice versa. PS: at least that's what I think, and I could be wrong.
  8. I am not one of the stuff, but pretty much any beta has the same risk of anything happening, and beta users reporting issues to be addressed in next rollout of fixes.... if I’m wrong I will be glad to be corrected
  9. Thanks for checking out, but I just double checked and this time I was able to register again, and made sure I was in the right site through netgearinnovation.com. and this time I used a gmail account instead of my main email account. I have registered for XR500 only as I'm currently not using the Netduma R1. Again thank you so much for checking out and I totally appreciate that.
  10. I am not complaining or being impatient just wanted to make sure it was registered because usually in similar cases you get an email confirming registration
  11. I signed up few days ago, but did not even get confirmation email. Is it normal? PS: checked my spam folder as well Subbed for XR500 Currently getting the following message if I try to re-submit " You've already responded. You can fill out this form only once. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake."
  12. I kinda gave up on MW, it kinda looks like they invested too much into the lag compensation and connections on how it works that either it’s completely missed up or too good that the chances of us encountering it is almost null. with all those settings that have been just mentioned, I gave Black ops 4 Multiplayer a try with them. And the connection was so amazing that I have not experienced anything similar since black ops 1 and 2. looks like I’m back to black ops 4, with occasionally trying different settings for MW whenever I feel like it.
  13. Thanks for your respond, but I just want to point out in case it makes a difference that the mesh is actually showing as a device (RBR50 and RBS50). The Mesh route consist of a router and satellite. Mesh Satellite --wirelessly--> Mesh Router --Wired---> XR500
  14. Is there an option to group devices or atleast put them in the right order? that way it would be much easier to handle with the bandwidth distribution? My current setup is consisting of XR500 (wifi off) for hardward devices only, and Orbi Mesh to handle all wifi connections at home. However as you can see the photo above, XR500 (which is an advantage) showing all devices separately as if they were connected directly to the modem and in not order (eg. iPhone > Orbi > XR500) But for my case, I hope there is an option where I can just handle the connected devices (directly to XR500), that way I can assign bandwidth accordingly for all wireless connection in one instant, and individually for wired devices.
  15. Man you doing me huge favours by getting me up to date with this... therefore thank you thank you thank you 🙏
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