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  1. Thanks for checking out, but I just double checked and this time I was able to register again, and made sure I was in the right site through netgearinnovation.com. and this time I used a gmail account instead of my main email account. I have registered for XR500 only as I'm currently not using the Netduma R1. Again thank you so much for checking out and I totally appreciate that.
  2. I am not complaining or being impatient just wanted to make sure it was registered because usually in similar cases you get an email confirming registration
  3. I signed up few days ago, but did not even get confirmation email. Is it normal? PS: checked my spam folder as well Subbed for XR500 Currently getting the following message if I try to re-submit " You've already responded. You can fill out this form only once. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake."
  4. I kinda gave up on MW, it kinda looks like they invested too much into the lag compensation and connections on how it works that either itโ€™s completely missed up or too good that the chances of us encountering it is almost null. with all those settings that have been just mentioned, I gave Black ops 4 Multiplayer a try with them. And the connection was so amazing that I have not experienced anything similar since black ops 1 and 2. looks like Iโ€™m back to black ops 4, with occasionally trying different settings for MW whenever I feel like it.
  5. Thanks for your respond, but I just want to point out in case it makes a difference that the mesh is actually showing as a device (RBR50 and RBS50). The Mesh route consist of a router and satellite. Mesh Satellite --wirelessly--> Mesh Router --Wired---> XR500
  6. Is there an option to group devices or atleast put them in the right order? that way it would be much easier to handle with the bandwidth distribution? My current setup is consisting of XR500 (wifi off) for hardward devices only, and Orbi Mesh to handle all wifi connections at home. However as you can see the photo above, XR500 (which is an advantage) showing all devices separately as if they were connected directly to the modem and in not order (eg. iPhone > Orbi > XR500) But for my case, I hope there is an option where I can just handle the connected devices (directly to XR500), that way I can assign bandwidth accordingly for all wireless connection in one instant, and individually for wired devices.
  7. Man you doing me huge favours by getting me up to date with this... therefore thank you thank you thank you ๐Ÿ™
  8. Thanks I have already set it up, trying different settings right now... wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Which port did you use on HH3000? Did you use the lan port or WAN when you use PPPoE? looks like the XR500 is gonna be delivered sooner that I thought... itโ€™s out for delivery already
  10. Yeah but then I have to connect everyone through Netduma R1.... I have very heavy users in my household... I expect having Netduma R1 handling over 10 devices at one time would make everyone unhappy. I placed an order for XR500 and hopefully it should be sufficient to reach around 700mbps+ with QOS and I should be very happy
  11. I just noticed that you think I am running XR500, but I am not. Actually Im running DumaOS on Nedtuma R1, I'm gonna be placing an order for XR500 and PPPoE and see how it goes...
  12. So the only benefit would be is traffic prioritization? I was thinking maybe because I had the traffic still going through ISP modem which it handles all connections at home would be much better, such as packets...etc. As right now Iโ€™m thinking maybe having Netduma behind my ISP Router is not giving DumaOS the full potential of its features since ISP modem is still handling the packets before it is being send to public. ps: I hope what I typed makes sense ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. Iโ€™m currently considering switching to XR500 as the R1 wonโ€™t be able to handle the bandwidth edit: is there a reason for recommending to switch to HH1000?
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