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  1. @bbursley I totally agree with you, and obviously Netduma R1 (which Im using it right now) lacks the ability to manage such speed and Im aware of it before I even purchase it the first time about two years ago. I'm actually planning to get XR500 (the reason I bought a used Netduma R1 now) its to try DumaOS. Additionally Im only gonna be plugging my gaming console and PC to it, the rest of the devices at home are connected directly to my ISP modem/router, so speed are not top priority on my console. PS: I indeed do have a hell of a deal, way cheaper than what I used to pay for 150mpbs
  2. well I'm gonna take back what I said, and put it this way. with Qos set to minimize my speed or adjust it to lower than %100, results in a much better bufferbloat, and jitter spikes are way less.
  3. Thanks buddy... I was lucky I moved into a new neighborhood so everything was built new. However, the sad part (I know its not supposed to) is even at those speeds congestion is still real 🤣 and I assume as well hardware plays a factor in this. And using Qos helps a lot in this matter
  4. @Zippy from the looks of it I definitely need it 😁 However, it is the advertised speed and actually Im just getting around 1.3gbps. But having the option to enter it, would simplify the percentage and settings on Qos.
  5. @Zippy Thanks for sharing your post, I will keep sharing my results, do more tests and hopefully we can solve the issue if it is indeed the router in the first place. PS: I must say regardless on the readings on those results. Using DumaOS by far have yield the best gaming experience next to R1 Original firmware, so please keep this in mind. Meanwhile here is another test using OpenWRT on R7000 with fq_codel
  6. Yup my speed is 1.5gbps aka 1500mbps is = to 1.5gig speed it would be highly appreciated if we are able to input it in the next update
  7. @bbursley I just did a test with connection being connected directly to my ISP router, gonna do another test with R7000 running OpenWRT and probably post the results for comparison. @Zippy You got it buddy here are the results (Again just did a test on dslreports as well for reference)
  8. I know its not that important, but can you change the limit (increase it to 1.5gb or 1500) because currently when I enter my speed the maximum it accepts is 1000
  9. Couldn't agree with you more, but honestly my second run with DumaOS has been better than first time (not as good as R1 when its on its best behavior) but more consistent. Now with that in mind and having jitter on my line, there is a big potential if I can solve this problem things should be way better. I'm running the latest version (R1 ), unfortunately I did factory reset and even downgraded my firmware to original R1, then back to latest version of DumaOS and still same. If nothing works, I might try to downgrade again, then upgrade once more (3rd is a charm)
  10. @carl0024 interesting I have never tried ping plotter on original Netduma firmware... I should give it a try
  11. Over ethernet I never game with wireless.... I tried different new ethernet cables just to eliminate cables issues
  12. Thanks Big Dog, I did some tweaks and changes and here are the results with 50% Down - 49% Upload (PS: all tests were done when apparently the kids were watching Netflix upstairs) I included DSL reports test (although I know you guys hate it) so Im sorry, and its just for reference as well 😊
  13. Oh I just noticed the red on the top (jitter) was just checking the graph itself 🤦‍♂️ my sliders are at 70% on both Im running (R1 on Netduma R1
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