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Internet quit working on netduma after 3 months of working perfect

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My netduma R1 quit working after 3 months. I can get into the interface and mess with settings. If I get the error no internet I click again and it works. But I cannot use apps or internet search engines through wifi or hard wired. I factory rest my modem/router and the netduma router r1 and set it up just like I had it before and it still won't work. I've changed cables. Eliminated that. Bridged my modem/router just like I had it before. Tried without bridging it. I've unplugged netduma and hard wired ps4 straight into my modem from cable company and it does work. When I hook up to netduma all the lights that blinked before still blink. I do not know what to do. I've been trying to fix it for last 2 days.

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