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  1. What does this orange light on Ethernet mean? 20200709_153119.mp4
  2. Put xfinity router in bridge mode. Still takes forever to load into fortnite. All other games fine. Could I post a video of the load in so you can tell me if it looks normal?
  3. Sorry. Should I have my Xfinity router in bridge mode while using the xr500
  4. But I will connect to random servers?
  5. I'll have to try that. What does that do? Disable geofilter?
  6. Definitely not. Not the two fortnite servers that I'm close to. I would notice that they would be in the circle. I don't remember seeing any triangles on geofilter.
  7. Correct. Both connect me to the same na east server. But isp router gets you right in. Duma takes a long time sits at the loading screen and sometimes says failed
  8. Yes but why would the Comcast router allow me right in when both say I am connected to NA EAST server
  9. I changed it to 1000 miles no change. And 2 servers for fortnite are within that range if you Google it they are in Ohio and Virginia I am in PA. I don't have anything blocked. Tried a factory reset on XR500 and reset up. Trying today with a new Comcast modem and I will report back. I am switching to a xb6 Comcast modem from the old style today
  10. Hello I'm having trouble with one game I have my radius 500 miles and fortnite sits there at the beginning page and has the circle of death loading forever. Other games work. I know other people with an XR500 like mine and they get right in. Is mine defective? Thanks
  11. I joined him and nothing pops up on any map. On the geo? Nothing ever shows up on the geo but the circle I place Also did DMZ still moderate This is honestly rediculous to have to do all this to join someone with this router. Esp. When it is a proximity based equipment to keep your host close and I cant play with people down the street
  12. hey guys ever since upgrading to dumaos on my R1 im having problems connecting to a person with windstream internet like a mile from my house. says because of NAT type. Mines moderate. but type 2 moderate in CODBO4. any ideas how to get this to open or how to add him in the interface so i can play with him? hes not far or anything. thanks
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