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  1. I joined him and nothing pops up on any map. On the geo? Nothing ever shows up on the geo but the circle I place Also did DMZ still moderate This is honestly rediculous to have to do all this to join someone with this router. Esp. When it is a proximity based equipment to keep your host close and I cant play with people down the street
  2. hey guys ever since upgrading to dumaos on my R1 im having problems connecting to a person with windstream internet like a mile from my house. says because of NAT type. Mines moderate. but type 2 moderate in CODBO4. any ideas how to get this to open or how to add him in the interface so i can play with him? hes not far or anything. thanks
  3. not if i want to use a wifi router (because the netduma wifi is terrible only 2.4) and use my netduma hardwired to ps4 comcast has to be bridged. *UPDATE* i have restarted all routers and let comcast power up first, pt it in bridge then start both other routers and servic e is restored now..thank god. everything wokring. speeds are 234/13 with 10 ping. with anti flood at 100...i back that off a little for gaming, everything working good now
  4. Well i have to have my comcast in bridge mode to run the netduma
  5. i have a wifi router also running out from the netduma and it is limited access as well.. no internet coming out of netduma but signal is going into it from comcast modem..i can turn off bridge mode and run off the comcast and everything works fine. but not with the netduma plugged in and comcast in bridge mode
  6. thats what i thought. called comcast they came out. i unhooked everything and ran my ps4 striaght from comcast modem and it works fine. but with comcast modem in bridge mode and wired to netduma then wired to ps4 internet says limited. connection is not going through the netduma
  7. Is there work going on on the netduma right now? Hasnt been working for 2 days
  8. Can i still return this and be refunded? I have tried numerous peoples settings and tried all feedback. Still half my speed. Still when i make my ps4 hyper traffic snd set distribution to mostly ps4 and geo at 500 miles i cant even be joined by friends even with type 2 nat. Just not for me.
  9. 95 down and 12 up now wired with wifi off and flood on 100. so should i back the anti flood off to 70 now since i am using a asus gateway for wifi? and also if i unplug the access point while gaming can i run it on 100 or will it not make a difference because the netduma is the only object at that point?
  10. getting 60 down 7 up wireless now checking wired
  11. but i did what u guys said upnp diabled and whatnot and now my wifi says no internet
  12. i dont use it for wifi i have a 5ghz acess point so wifi is off on duma. so my anti flood % doesnt matter then?
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