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Australian NBN HFC connection

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Hey all


I recently got my HFC NBN connection at home and have a couple question about the best setup.


Firstly I was wondering if the Net Duma would be able to connect directly to the provided Arris CM8200 Cable Mode.

I tried but was unable to get it to work directly and instead I had to plug it in via the ISP provided Huawei modem/router.



Which brings me to my second question, if I do have to go via the Huawei, what would be the best way to set it up? Set the Huawei to bridged mode like I have currently? Or configure PPPoE on the Huawei and disable it on the Net Duma?


Thanks :)

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Which ISP did you go through? I've signed up with Aussie Broadband and hopefully won't get an Arris modem as apparently they're a bit crap.


On my current cable internet connection via Telstra, I have their modem bridged and let the NetDuma handle the rest.

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I went through Internode and they supplied the Huawei router.


I think that NBN Co. themselves provid the Arris cable modem. I needed this model as I have a cable connection coming into the house.


Pretty sure this is it, though the one I have has NBN branding all over it.


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For the modem boffins - any thoughts on the Netcomm NF17ACV, or Netcomm in general with FTTN / HFC connections?


That's the modem I've ordered through Aussie BB and it's HFC compatible.

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