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BO3 Problem

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Hey. I have a problem with Black Ops 3 and geo-filter in this game. I live in Poland and when I turn on the geographic filter, I'm not looking for games. Only when close mode disconnects connects me to a server in the UK. Is it a netduma or BO3 fault connecting to a server in the UK only? sorry for my English.





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If you are saying you can only connect to a server in the UK and you live in Poland try making you're geo filter smaller to only cover the servers you want to connect to and put your ping assist to 0 with strict ticked.


Jeśli mówisz, że możesz połączyć się z serwerem w Wielkiej Brytanii, a Ty mieszkasz w Polsce, spróbuj zmusić Cię do filtrowania filtra mniejszego, aby obejmować tylko serwery, z którymi chcesz się połączyć, a następnie pomóż ping-up'owi 0 w ścisłym zaznaczeniu.

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AH, OK I get you know, Was it finding you games yesterday or last time you were logged on? If it was then it sounds like a Blops 3 issue.

Try Adjusting your geo filter to not include the UK.

Then turn off your Geo filter and then your console.

Then turn on your console and load up Blops 3.

Next turn on the geo filter and try to find a game.

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Next is not looking for games. I have a netduma recently and just played COD IW on the PS4 and there the geofilter worked. Now I play on xbox on and I am not working on games in BO3, BO2 and AW when UK does not have a geofilter in the radius.. It looks like netduma has forced a connection to COD with UK servers. Can cloud settings somehow change?

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Have you added your xbox to the geo filter and is it selected. Each device will have its own colour. 

Make sure that both consoles are added and you have the correct one selected. Make sure that the colours of the circles match that of the console you are using.


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I've done extra tests on my old NETGEAR router with Tomato, and it looks like BO3 is now working matchmaking. Ping on Netgear I have a range of 60-80ms, which also connects me with servers in the UK. It's a shame because some year ago I had 30-40ms ping playing BO3. On Netdum I set geofilter at 1000km without UK, ping assist at 70ms and search hosts only from UK. When ping assist is reduced to 50ms, it does not search any games. So for me Netdum for this game is useless.

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Im am quite sure that you have something set wrong. Seriously we get this a lot. Have you made sure that you have both devices in the geo ? and are you setting the correct device when you are trying to play? Take a screen shot of your cc, geo and let us know which console you are trying to game on please. 

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I'm sure I have everything set up well and the geofilter does not work on my xbox one.



The last screenshots of the geofilter are from the ping assisst and the second from the 70ms pingassist. The first option does not find any games, the second option only searches the UK host


Can you set my location in my geofilter and see if I can find any games in BO3, BO2 or AW?











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Usually around this time of year when a new CoD is coming out servers disappear or appear in different spots etc. So that could be it. 


Apply cloud settings and that will flush the cloud. Also make sure you have your console hard turned off and your Geo-filter set how you want - strict, pa 0 etc and then turn on the console and game.

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