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Bad experience online with fiber?


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I have GPON Fiber to the home (same service as google fiber) and I seem to have troubles online playing CoD. I am in competitive and play UMGs/Gbs xp and tournaments. I don't lag or have packet loss but the game feels off. I get melted a lot and get back hit reg. It makes some matches unplayable to the point where I am going as hard as I can and still getting destroyed like I have the reaction time of a sloth. I was pinging my local gateway and I get a ping of around 1-2ms average, the problem is I get lag spikes of some as small as 10ms and sometimes worse closer to 100ms. I called my ISP and they told me it was congestion and the router (ISPs router) doesn't prioritize ICMP traffic/pings. Which would make sense for them not to prioritize ping traffic but congestion makes no sense considering it is a hundreds of thousands of dollars if not million dollar router and I have a direct fiber line that has a max throughput of 2.5Gbps down and 1.25 Gbps up. Then another said it was ethernet collisions which is BS as far as I'm aware since I have full duplex. 

So my initial concern is the ping spikes to even just my local gateway. So I pinged google.com and get an average of 22ms. But I get constant ping spikes as well, similar to my gateway. I did 10,000 pings and got a spike up to 75ms. I also ran a program similar to pingplotter (WinMTR) for 10,000 as well and got a few dropped packets to the hop in Chicago. I also got the same results pm WinMTR and the ping spikes were the same as cmd pings. 

I went to my grandparents house who have the same kind of service to test if they had the same or similar spikes and their service did not. I got an extremely consistent ping and it was what I would expect from a fiber connection. This has shown me that there is an issue with my connection at home.

I did all of my tests with and without my netduma/personal router. My ONT is bridged as well.

Any suggestions on what I should bring up to my ISP? How should I approach this as they have brushed off these concerns before and blamed other sources that turned out to be false.

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Do your grandparents have the same modem/router ? would it be possible to test your line using it?  to rule in or out a faulty or bad CPU modem/router.

No they have a different model ONT. They live about 100 miles away and it is attached in an outside box for them. I pinged myself from their connection and got some small spikes so that was concerning as well. I'm thinking there may be issues with my routing/hops that my ISP uses.

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