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  1. I tried this and saw a major improvement. Thanks for the tip
  2. No they have a different model ONT. They live about 100 miles away and it is attached in an outside box for them. I pinged myself from their connection and got some small spikes so that was concerning as well. I'm thinking there may be issues with my routing/hops that my ISP uses.
  3. http://imgur.com/a/gNSaK here is the pictures of pings/traces
  4. Areuz

    Port 30130 for CoD?

    Any reason you can think of that it is such a bad experience? The games when it is on the default 3074 it feels good.
  5. I have GPON Fiber to the home (same service as google fiber) and I seem to have troubles online playing CoD. I am in competitive and play UMGs/Gbs xp and tournaments. I don't lag or have packet loss but the game feels off. I get melted a lot and get back hit reg. It makes some matches unplayable to the point where I am going as hard as I can and still getting destroyed like I have the reaction time of a sloth. I was pinging my local gateway and I get a ping of around 1-2ms average, the problem is I get lag spikes of some as small as 10ms and sometimes worse closer to 100ms. I called my ISP and they told me it was congestion and the router (ISPs router) doesn't prioritize ICMP traffic/pings. Which would make sense for them not to prioritize ping traffic but congestion makes no sense considering it is a hundreds of thousands of dollars if not million dollar router and I have a direct fiber line that has a max throughput of 2.5Gbps down and 1.25 Gbps up. Then another said it was ethernet collisions which is BS as far as I'm aware since I have full duplex. So my initial concern is the ping spikes to even just my local gateway. So I pinged google.com and get an average of 22ms. But I get constant ping spikes as well, similar to my gateway. I did 10,000 pings and got a spike up to 75ms. I also ran a program similar to pingplotter (WinMTR) for 10,000 as well and got a few dropped packets to the hop in Chicago. I also got the same results pm WinMTR and the ping spikes were the same as cmd pings. I went to my grandparents house who have the same kind of service to test if they had the same or similar spikes and their service did not. I got an extremely consistent ping and it was what I would expect from a fiber connection. This has shown me that there is an issue with my connection at home. I did all of my tests with and without my netduma/personal router. My ONT is bridged as well. Any suggestions on what I should bring up to my ISP? How should I approach this as they have brushed off these concerns before and blamed other sources that turned out to be false.
  6. I was playing CoD IW and the game felt terrible. I was getting absolutely melted and couldn't kill a thing. So I was going through my settings and seeing if anything was wrong. I checked the network monitor and noticed my PS4 game traffic was using port 30130 instead of the 3074 that I have hyper traffic and port forwarding for. Is there a reason for this? Any way I can guarantee that it wont happen again? What is port 30130 used for anyway? Local Port?
  7. Try pinging and running DNSBenchmark with and These are DNS in Philly. They may be terrible for you but worth a shot. May give you better results on PSN though so you could test that as well. Besides this I hope you the best of luck
  8. It seems to be based on your connection to the closest Akamai CDN server. PSN uses Akamai as their CDN (Content Delivery Network) and I get really good results for my speed tests and downloads because for one I have fiber, two I have a server in my city that is partnered with my ISP. I don't always get really good download speeds because I think it doesn't automatically always connect me to that closest server and sometimes connects me to a server farther away slowing the download down. DNS can help simply because it gives a faster response on which server to use and usually the closest. I can't offer much help as I'm unsure how close you are to a Akamai CDN server but you can optimize your DNS with various programs (ex. DNSBenchmark).
  9. As far as I know the Chicago/Illinois dedi should still be operational. I have recently tried preemptive and lowering my speeds in the bandwidth settings. I have 250Mbps Up/Down but I set it at 50 down and 15 up on preemptive. I then use hyper-traffic for the PS4. You can turn off multicast snooping unless you have some sort of home entertainment system of sorts. You can turn off UPNP forwarding unless you can portfoward in your modem. If you have your modem bridged to your Netduma you can just turn it off. Also I also setup my bandwidth priority so it is spread evenly for all of the devices, which seems to be fine for me. I would test around with this for you personally and see what works best.
  10. I couldn't find much about the differences between the two besides the bandwidth difference. I have always used the reactive to get my full bandwidth (250Mbps Up/Down) and everything was alright but I wasn't having a perfect experience. I have recently tried using preemptive and making my bandwidth 50 down and 15 up in the settings. I have had a much better experience online (mostly playing PS4 MWR). The biggest difference I noticed was the hit registration. I don't necessarily eat a lot of bullets or kill extremely quickly but it is much more consistent with the good bullet reg. My question is what is the difference? Does anyone have any ideas why I would be having a better experience with preemptive compared to reactive? Is DumaOS going to have the two different options again or just one? Am I doing something wrong with my reactive setup and settings? Thanks in advance
  11. I've been continually testing new configurations of settings to make my gameplay optimal. I have finally found something that seems to be giving me a great experience. I have 250Mbps up/down fiber and I play mostly UMG/GB matches. CC I have at 52%/52%. This gives me about 120Mbps up/down. I have my PS4 in hyper-traffic with PSN. I then changed my distribution between my Nighthawk (Wifi), PC, and PS4 to 90 for my PS4 and 10 for my PC (Skype call with my teammates). This has given me a much cleaner and crisp experience including my bullet registration. I with try to hone this down further for exact settings for me but I thought I would share if anyone would like to try. I'm very pleased with the results and I can only imagine what it will be like when DumaOS is available.
  12. 250Mbps up/down GPON Fiber. setup: ONT bridged to Duma then to PS4, PC, and Nighthawk for Wifi. Other setup is just switching the Nighthawk and Duma. I play MWR on PS4 and I play competitive matches on UMG/GB. I have been using the Duma for a while now and it has been alright. I have recently been having issues with my games (bad bullet reg, not killing quickly, dying quickly). I didn't seem to be lagging or having latency issues because I had my Duma on 70%/70% with PS4 in hyper traffic. So to test things out and try and get a better experience I went back to my Netgear R7000 Nighthawk. I set it up with the QoS and put the PS4 as the highest priority. I was having better hit reg and I was killing quickly again. Now it doesn't seem to be a lag or latency issue with the Duma it just seems like whatever the Nighthawk is doing is somehow giving me an advantage or making it more even. I notice there is a bigger delay or a weird feeling in game when I play with the Nighthawk. My ping isn't higher or lower it just seems to feel different. From these findings some questions came up...I think the Duma does an amazing job with minimizing my ping and reducing/eliminating lag. But is this causing me to die very quickly to other people because of my solid connection? And I am having my issues on hitting or killing them because their connection isn't up to par? I seem to do very well on Infinite Warfare with the Netduma but on MWR I have my issues. Is there any suggestions for the settings on the Duma? I can only use the host filter for public matches. I have congestion control to reactive and 70%/70% with the PS4 in hyper-traffic. I have turbo mode enabled and cookies enabled. Should I try super turbo mode and just have the PS4 in hyper-traffic? Does share access affect anything for priority for gaming besides just bandwidth? Another question pertains to Overwatch on PC. Is there only one server in NA? Which seems to be in California? I have 60s ping to the server which is pretty good and playable but it isn't perfect and I notice it when I play. Do I need to forward some ports? The upnp doesn't pick up on any when I play. How could I do hyper-traffic for Overwatch or H1Z1? Is there going to be a new QoS with DumaOS? Will we be able to prioritize by device and application/service? I think the Duma is awesome I am just trying to get that great feeling gameplay and have a good and fair experience online. I want to find my optimal settings for the Duma. I will continue to test different settings and hope to find the perfect ones.
  13. I haven't had the opportunity to test the pingplotter on another line yet. I found something else though. http://imgur.com/a/g6tpoThis is a smokeping from Virginia. You can see the stable part then it goes crazy and that is when I have lag. http://imgur.com/a/XrzhuMichigan http://imgur.com/a/Cht7eCalifornia You will notice that the California graphs look great and go as expected. The Virginia and Michigan tests are very similar and the spikes are at the same time. I identified a problem on a hop on the backbone my ISP uses in Chicago. If was causing high pings to anything east coast (anything routing through it). I contacted my ISP about it today. For example I ping OpenDNS ( and they have a Chicago server and when everything is fine I get about 25ms. When it is having issues I have pings of 70-90ms. It is terrible and I have noticed in my gaming lately. We'll see what ISP does for me whether that be change my routing or get Hurricane Electric (the owners of the hop) to fix the problems. This would explain any spike I have to servers that I route through the Chicago hop. Just an update.
  14. What were these PPs to? My plots look like the cable one and I have Fiber...Just wondering because my ISP says my connection is fine but it seems to be quite bouncy.
  15. Yeah for example my hops which are owned by hurricane electric always say they are in Fremont, California (HE's main headquarters) even though the hop will have chi in it obviously showing it is in Chicago. I have also noticed that I have great games on others hosts (in UMG/GB comp. matches) when they have Verizon FIOS for example, or any Fiber connection in general simply because they have low ping like me
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