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Just got my Netduma, PS4 on lan is not showing up?

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So my Netduma arrived today, the instructions included were obviously brief, but all doesn't seem to be working.


I am on the latest firmware and I have looked at the wiki and searched for lan via the search tool here and haven't seen anything that has helped.


Firstly it picks up my wireless devices fine, but my PS4 Pro which is plugged directly into the Duma doesn't show up, it still shows up on my isp hub or other modem/router(Archer D7), I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to do, as that is the only reason I bought the Netduma.


When I go to Device Manager on the Duma I get a message saying "We have detected you are connected to another router(as opposed to a modem), then below that the only devices it shows are wireless, if I go to the Archer D7 page it shows the only device connected is my PS4 on lan, despite that device being connected to the back of the Duma.


Is someone able to give me some advice on this as I'm thoroughly confused?

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