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  1. You guys are amazing, that did the trick. Thanks for such quick replies. Here I was thinking about more complicated issues and it was a simple cache clear.
  2. I've been having this issue for the last 24 hours, as soon as I log into my router I am greeted by a message "You are no longer connected to your router. If your router is rebooting then keep this page open as it will automatically reconnect to the router's interface when the reboot is complete. Otherwise please check your connection e.g. you are connected to the correct router". Except I am connected to the internet, but I am unable to use any part of the router, there's just this infinite loop of that message. I have tried rebooting it several times and even unplugged it completely for 30 minutes, it has made no difference. Can someone advise what I can do to remedy this issue? I'm unable to click on any sections to troubleshoot it as this message prevents changing or even viewing any of the settings.
  3. Posted on here a month ago about this and was told it was a known issue and there would be a fix soon. Can anyone advise me when said fix is expected?
  4. Thanks, good to hear. Just as an aside I was testing adding friends who live oustide my set geo filter to my allow list, I found I could only name 5 listings. Further unique ID's could be added but even if named they would show up as a blank name. Deleting the "named" listings to 4 would then enable a 5th entry to retain its name in the persistent list. Seems like something that may need looking at.
  5. Just upgraded to the XR500 from my old R1, never really had to deny peer hosts before, but tonight had the need to. Unfortunately it didn't work, not once but 4 times. I'd been running strikes no worries then got put with a pair of 2 degenerates just dancing and emoting in the spawn. So I figured Duma OS has the ability to deny peers may as well use it one these 2 to avoid landing back in the same strike. They were the only 2 on the geo filter map(no dedi), denied both and went to orbit. Launched in and got the same 2 people. Backed out, again same 2. This time restarted Destiny 2, to my surprise got the same 2 people. This time rebooted the router and restarted Destiny 2, yep you guessed it, the same 2 people. Does this feature actually work how it sounds, run into douchebags or laggy hosts in PvP, deny and avoid them, or not? Is there a setting I need to enable for this to actually do anything? If it doesn't actually prevent matching certain players what purpose does it serve? Cheers.
  6. Thanks mate. Thanks Jack, that did the job. Otherwise no complaints, played for about 6 hours. No error codes from Destiny, the DumaOS itself is fantastic. Quite a few menu options have been streamlined, I also like not having to switch profiles to non gaming etc, just turning the anti-bufferbloat off. Impressive!
  7. Gee whiz that seems counter intuitive. You mean change it in the Device Manager and not in the Geo Filter where you add a device?
  8. Downloaded the firmware just now, loaded into Destiny 2 on PC. Geo Filter is not showing a single host/peer. Settings are Strict Mode unticked, and Auto Ping Host ticked. I've set the distance allowed from recommended limit to max limit, zoomed in and zoomed out, just not seeing anything. This is in PvE and PvP. Is there a setting I need to enable or is this just not functioning at present? Cheers.
  9. That did the trick, thanks very much for the prompt reply and solution!
  10. I'm just having an issue tonight which seems odd, I went and loaded my profile for Destiny 2, went to the host filtering page and where my PC is always listed in the 1st of 4 services, there's nothing. If I click "select service" it brings up a box with "select device" but there is no devices to choose from. I am then unable to press "next" or even close the pop up dialog, I have to refresh the page, and there is no service listed. This isn't restricted to a certain profile, even on general gaming or non gaming my PC is unlisted in host filtering, I've reset the router several times, rebooted the PC, turned off the router for 5 mins, nothing seems to work. Like Internet is fine but I obviously can't use the geo filter as there is no service to select. Any advice?
  11. No worries, I've got to say things have improved significantly from when I first used this in late D1 and early D2 on console, where I was constantly getting kicked from games etc. I had to stop using it. So far on PC I've only been error coded/kicked 3 times in over 100 hours, and been able to make full use of the geo filter, which on PC is essential due to the smaller playerbase.
  12. I was using bleeding edge and auto cloud as I am unable to enter a number for the third option, and haven't been advised why that is or what is optimal.
  13. Also ID:d467451004735a5f has already booted me twice, located in the middle of the south atlantic ocean 😑
  14. Is this still what should be used? I've switched to PC so just seeing if the duma will be of any benefit. For some reason I can't select 28 or any numbers in the thrid box. Like it let's me scroll for numbers but as soon as I select a number it defaults the entry to 1.
  15. Only just got the game, what profile is recommended? I used COD Ultimate in the beta and had really good connections.
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