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  1. I've done fresh installs on the PS4, fresh ssd, complete initialisation. Reset router countless times. Factory reset. I've done every kind of start fresh you could imagine. The DHCP thing worked for 5 hours but alas it just stopped downloading a digital game in rest mode. Back to square one. Probably worth switching back to the trusty Asus as this thing is just too buggy. Don't have this issue with the Asus or even the ISP supplied TP Link cheapie. Can't get support from Netgear they just direct here, and here, well it's the blind leading the blind half the time. Suggestions that if people had read posts properly wouldn't be questions as they've bedn addressed. I've had enough of the piss poor "support" from Netgear and Netduma. I'm out...
  2. It already did. However what I posted previously has proved successful so far. It's been almost 3 hours have redownloaded 3 diff games, in rest mode, never dropped connection. Bit of a pain having to add all the wireless devices that I hadn't already given reserved ip's. For some reason despite already reserving ip's with the mac address, they show up in device manager with 2 diff ip's, they all seem to be working fine. But would like to clean that up. At least the rest mode issue seems to be fixed, a shame the router is so un-user friendly. I also always have to run reinstall from backup or at times run the setup wizard every single time I turn the router off. Then Never had any dramas using our old Asus at the same property, same tech (fttc). This one you turn it off once, turn it back on, all lights are on but no internet until I restore from backup or run the wizard. Can't say I'll ever buy another Netgear product.
  3. Just a stab in the dark, but I noticed today it seems to be happening almost exactly every 30 minutes, in the past I had just estimated. So with our current ISP the DHCP lease renews every 30 mins, would this have any effect on a console in rest mode, as opposed to when it is turned on? I would have thought many people would also have 30 min renewals and haven't seen complaints of a similar nature, just running out of options and theories here. So I've gone to LAN Setup and unticked use router as DHCP server, will monitor over the next hour as I download a few games, not sure if this would this potentially have any effect. Is there any other settings that are related to DHCP that could be reconfigured?
  4. I've actually had both disabled this whole time as I've been catching up on single player games, so no need. It's very odd. I contacted PS support and they basically confirmed that I had all the required settings ticked on the PS4, and all they could say was it's mostly likely a router or ISP issue. I spoke to our ISP and they confirmed there hasn't been any dropouts, and the only times I have lost sync has been when I've manually rebooted/unplugged or kicked the connection to force re sync. When it's happened myself and others in the house have been online on different devices and there's been zero issues, apart from the PS4 stopping downloads in rest mode. It's just really odd. It doesn't happen when the console is on, so I guess that's the work around, but I'd much rather be able to use rest mode.
  5. No only have ever used an internal drive. It's also not related to auto updates, it's when I purchase a digital game/reinstall a game from my library and let it download in rest mode.
  6. I've been noticing this lately, whenever I download a game and put the PS4 in rest mode(all required boxes are ticked in the PS4 settings), the connection stays up for anywhere from 15-60 mins and then cuts out completely. I'm hooked up via ethernet cable and I see the eth3 light go from white to orange/red on router. I have also tested it on WiFi, same thing happens, minus the eth light on the router obviously. At times this will produce the CE-36233-9 error code. I even bought a new 2TB SSHD, not just for troubleshooting but due to storage. Even with a completely fresh install of everything the same issues are persisting. Our internet is solid, it's fttp 100/40 it's always stable even in peak times, so it's not a case of losing sync. As mentioned all the required PS4 settings are enabled, and it does download in rest mode, at least for a short time, but then cuts out. I've also done a factory reset of the router, and I think I have all the required settings enabled in the router. Anyone have an idea what I might do to fix the issue. Thanks.
  7. You guys are amazing, that did the trick. Thanks for such quick replies. Here I was thinking about more complicated issues and it was a simple cache clear.
  8. I've been having this issue for the last 24 hours, as soon as I log into my router I am greeted by a message "You are no longer connected to your router. If your router is rebooting then keep this page open as it will automatically reconnect to the router's interface when the reboot is complete. Otherwise please check your connection e.g. you are connected to the correct router". Except I am connected to the internet, but I am unable to use any part of the router, there's just this infinite loop of that message. I have tried rebooting it several times and even unplugged it completely for 30 minutes, it has made no difference. Can someone advise what I can do to remedy this issue? I'm unable to click on any sections to troubleshoot it as this message prevents changing or even viewing any of the settings.
  9. Posted on here a month ago about this and was told it was a known issue and there would be a fix soon. Can anyone advise me when said fix is expected?
  10. Thanks, good to hear. Just as an aside I was testing adding friends who live oustide my set geo filter to my allow list, I found I could only name 5 listings. Further unique ID's could be added but even if named they would show up as a blank name. Deleting the "named" listings to 4 would then enable a 5th entry to retain its name in the persistent list. Seems like something that may need looking at.
  11. Just upgraded to the XR500 from my old R1, never really had to deny peer hosts before, but tonight had the need to. Unfortunately it didn't work, not once but 4 times. I'd been running strikes no worries then got put with a pair of 2 degenerates just dancing and emoting in the spawn. So I figured Duma OS has the ability to deny peers may as well use it one these 2 to avoid landing back in the same strike. They were the only 2 on the geo filter map(no dedi), denied both and went to orbit. Launched in and got the same 2 people. Backed out, again same 2. This time restarted Destiny 2, to my surprise got the same 2 people. This time rebooted the router and restarted Destiny 2, yep you guessed it, the same 2 people. Does this feature actually work how it sounds, run into douchebags or laggy hosts in PvP, deny and avoid them, or not? Is there a setting I need to enable for this to actually do anything? If it doesn't actually prevent matching certain players what purpose does it serve? Cheers.
  12. Thanks mate. Thanks Jack, that did the job. Otherwise no complaints, played for about 6 hours. No error codes from Destiny, the DumaOS itself is fantastic. Quite a few menu options have been streamlined, I also like not having to switch profiles to non gaming etc, just turning the anti-bufferbloat off. Impressive!
  13. Gee whiz that seems counter intuitive. You mean change it in the Device Manager and not in the Geo Filter where you add a device?
  14. Downloaded the firmware just now, loaded into Destiny 2 on PC. Geo Filter is not showing a single host/peer. Settings are Strict Mode unticked, and Auto Ping Host ticked. I've set the distance allowed from recommended limit to max limit, zoomed in and zoomed out, just not seeing anything. This is in PvE and PvP. Is there a setting I need to enable or is this just not functioning at present? Cheers.
  15. That did the trick, thanks very much for the prompt reply and solution!
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