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Help with setup on duma

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I recieved my Duma tonight (about an hour ago) I have gone through all settings and gotten a feel for things. I contacted my ISP about putting my ONT in bridge mode and they said it would take until Monday/Tuesday because they need an admin there to make the change. For now my duma is in the DMZ of my ONT.

I have GPON FTTH 250 Mbps up/down. When I run the ping diagnostics I get an 'ok' ping and exceptional jitter and spikes and no packet loss. What is the ratings for ping? It is pinging google dns ( which is in California and is quite a distance away.

I have set up hyperlane on my PS4 with PSN.

Is there a DMZ option on the duma? Is there a way I can have my duma be in AP mode on one port? or just a switch type of environment (on only one port)? I ask because of my TVs that have to be connected to the ONT.

I'll be sure to ask any questions that come up. Thanks in advance!

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Don't worry about the Google ping test as it can misbehave/be high if you're located far away. Do a speed test, do you have a good ping there?


There is no DMZ option on the Duma currently. 


No there isn't a way to do that. If your TV's require a connection to the ONT then you should be fine to do that. They shouldn't use much bandwidth so the Duma's congestion control should still be effective.

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