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Parental Control on the R1

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Hi there,


I have the Netduma installed and working as it should but, I am just wondering about the security settings and where I can find them to limit what can be accessed through the internet as I have a young son and don't want any adult content coming through ads and the like. I have a virgin hub which is on modem mode so can't change the settings there?


Any help would be much appreciated

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Iain and the team are working on family settings for the Netduma I am not sure about blocking of adult sites though.


Open dns have a service where they block sites.


You would change your DNS to theirs and set up the security.



Microsoft have a filter.




There are a few on a google search also.




If you use chrome or firefox adblock plus addon is great for blocking ad's , test it with the duma as some have reported the netdumas gui to not respond properly , but i have no problems using firefox with it.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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