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What are the advantages of enabling DMZ on my PS4?

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Hi everyone,

I followed the guide on how to get open nat with Netduma, (Enabling dmz on my wan ip, enabling upnp forwarding etc) and I got NAT 2 when doing the network test. Anyway on call of duty it says that my nat is moderated.

Next, I enabled DMZ on my PS4 IP: when doing the network test on PS4 it says "Unknown NAT" or something like that (it gives me a timeout error), but everything seems to be working fine and on COD I got OPEN nat.

What are the pros and cons of enabling DMZ directly on my ps4? Would you recommend?

Also, with DMZ enabled I can't use google DNS. I have to enable automatic dns or my ps4 won't connect to internet. Why do you think that happens?

Thank you and regards!

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  • Netduma Staff

Hi, welcome to the forum! I'm not sure personally about the advantages of putting a PS4 into DMZ. If it states that your NAT on CoD is moderate, that tends to be a misreading caused by the Geofilter. It can most easily be solved by disabling the Geofilter before entering the game, and turning it on once you're on it. It shouldn't hinder you though.


As I say though, I've never personally tested this out; though I bet someone else on the forum has. I'll ask our tech-wizard to post on this thread :)

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