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What's up with the UK server? (BO3)


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I've been trying to figure out what's up with this all day. I loaded the game up with my usual geofilter settings (home in the ocean, ping assist 25ms) but I noticed I'd keep connecting to Belgium.


After a while I thought I'd ping the UK server to see what was going on. I got no less than 110ms to it, even though I'm 40 miles away and usually get more like 9ms. It was stable, with no more than 1ms of jitter, but it was like I was pinging the Chicago server and not one on my doorstep.


I closed the game, set ping assist to 0, set my radius to 69 miles around London and connected to it instantly. I was on a 3 bar the entire time :s I've been playing on the Belgian server at 20ms~ with no problems, but I want to know why I can't play on the server closest to me.


Any ideas?

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Sounds like servers potentially could have changed. 


I will do a mini cloud today for dedicated servers but can you untick auto & bleeding edge cloud and then chose the manual numbers at the bottom of the lists for map etc.

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