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Best ISP for CoD?

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I know I'm getting annoying with all these questions, but from everyones personal experience, what do you think is the best ISP for multiplayer or COD in general? For example, Cable with Optimum, Cable with fios, Fiber, DSL, like which one gives you best connection? I'm starting to think that Optimum sucks and I just wanna know what everyone else experiences and what helps them get the best out of their gaming.

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I was on Comcast here and while it wasn't as tragic as some of the responses that have been posted of late, it was bad enough to warrant my own dedicated gaming line.


I was able to get ADSL from Qwest, who is big in our area (Qwest Field is where the Seattle Seahawk's play American football).  Now Qwest is not a great company, by any stretch, so take that with a grain of salt.


However their ADSL (which is a fiber backbone overlay that ties into an existing copper plant) has given me a very solid and stable 20ms flat ping to Seattle, which is about an hour drive's from home.


The speed is not fantastic (40u/6d) but for gaming and the limited use of forum chat and news/YT viewing, it's perfectly fine for me.  Granted, there are only two of us in the house and this line is only for my gaming room.  If we converted the house to this speed, I suspect it would cause heartache with the Mrs.  ;)


The following would be my personal assessment of the available options that I have experience in or around.  Your mileage may vary!


First choice would be Fiber to the Home(FTTH).  If you can get it, and it will not be cheap, it will PROBABLY give you the best chances at having a clean, stable, jitter free line that will work well for gaming.  You don't need 200d and 100u, so don't get fooled into buying the big packages for hundreds of dollars a month.


Next would Fiber to the Curb(FTTC).  In the same category, but it does rely on a transition from fiber(light) to the copper lines currently in the ground or hanging to your house.


ADSL would be next, for the available types we have here in my area.


DSL would be next, but there is a definite gap between the two.


Cable, unless you are one of the only ones on it in your area, would probably be my absolute last choice if I were to move and had to choose a new ISP for my needs.  The physical construction, and how the signals are combined, makes for an infinite number of variables that can really fuck up your gaming experience.


Hope that helps,



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That helps a lot. I'm trying to see whether Fiber is the best or ADSL. The only problem is that I have someone in the house with me so If i decided to switch to fiber or ADSL, would i not be able to watch tv or anything like that, or is there more to the story with that? I dont wanna aggravate my father ;) at same time im trying not to break my controller which i actually kinda broke part of it today, which is not very good.

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