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Request for 1.03.4 [VPN]


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This would be ideal for me but I mean no disrespect toward how Netduma have configured their current VPN section.

​Would it be possible that the next firmware have the VPN sub-section layout set the same way DD-WRT flashed routers have? It'd make using the entire list of VPN providers (who support DD-WRT) configurations a ton easier.

​Here's an example of how the layout is for DD-WRT routers.


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I'd prefer a simple two field form instead of the overly complicated dd-wrt implementation. There's too many fields in the form, which creates a greater margin for error.

Copy the contents of the .ovpn file supplied by a VPN provider into a Config field, the ca.crt contents into a Certificate field...done.


Alternately, two Upload fields for the .ovpn and ca.crt files for an even simpler, idiot-proof solution.


Perhaps an optional Additional Config field to cover some VPNs, but that's all we should need.

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