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Dead Birds...

mitha dirty

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Oh man I would love to be able to see whats being said in The Coal Mine!

Maybe users can see but not touch?!?! 



Hey, a local PNW'er.... cool


You aren't missing much.  There are some more technical/tuning questions after a "new feature" is released for testing.  One thing I can say is the group in there are mostly the tech type who ask, and answer, far more complex questions than the average user. B)   Then Iain or one of the guys gives us a run down of the how's and why's such-n-such happens. There is discussion about moving dedi's for the server cloud settings, part of the canary optimization program that benefits all Duma users. 


Think of it as kind of community based support with remote testing offices spread out around the world.  :ph34r:

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