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I wanted to know if anyone else has been suffering from lag lately? Recently my deaths seem almost instant and I actually have no time to react. I can still pull positive kds but it feels like I have to have an advantage to win any gunfights I lose almost all 50/50s even though I've set up the duma with settings advised and flicked though preset profiles. Ill like a video to show you guys what I mean just as a note my Internet speed is 80/20 with 5 - 7 ms ping 0 jitter and 0 packet loss this has made rushing or just running around impossible another thing I've noticed is during gun fights the initial bullet don't register or I get missing bullets in-between and then get hit markers after I've killed someone it's really funky my geo filter is set at 600km and PA is 30 ms.

When I run line quality test on duma I get exceptional across the board and ping vales are around 7.4... Anyway here is the link to the video sorry about the quality it was recorded via a phonehttps://youtu.be/gQuiAkw3MD0

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