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What Mode For AT&T UVerse Router? Also BO3 Lag Comp Question

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Hello everyone,


What mode do I put my AT&T Uverse router in to use with the Netduma? I'm going to leave WiFi enabled on the router because NetDuma's WiFi crashed alot back on 1.05 not sure if it's the same on 1.06 but it doens't really matter. Only device connected to WiFi is my cellphone and I disable the WiFi whenever I play.



Question #2

Now for BO3 Lag Comp. What are some settings for your upload/download speed that will help benefit me? I'm on a 6Mb down .7Mb up connection.

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Follow the guide above and see if you are able to do it. Use the WAN IP from device manager though.


In terms of lag comp I'm assuming you're asking about throttling settings which I can't advise on.


Would recommend 70/70 for eliminating local lag.

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