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my opinions on the netduma r1


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seen a few of these topics now with links to people bitching about the r1 and ive had mine a few months so thought id give my opinion that might help future buyers decide


does the r1 dominate lag?

imo no it doesnt dominate lag and nothing ever will but the r1 does a better job than anything else ive seen

before getting an r1 you first need to get your internet in check and make sure you have no faults and have a decent ping cause ping is what its all about.

if youve got a decent ping then the r1 will help reduce your lag by ensuring you have hosts local to you, how local depends on where you live ie if you live in a massively populated area full of people playing your chosen game and a server center round the corner then you can probably reduce your search radius as small as you want but whatever radius you choose you can be assured the host will be within that area which helps reduce lag.

also the r1 has qos which is so easy to use and allows you to choose how much internet each of your devices in your home get allowing you to make sure you have as much as you need for a smooth gaming experience

and theres the new hyper lane feature that allows all the traffic from your chosen device priority over any other device in your home further increasing your chances of a lag free game.

and theres a ton of other features that i cant begin to understand .

do i still get lag? hell yes but thats cod for you and theres loads of reasons for the lag such as other players in your game they can have rubish connection which affects the game and altho the r1 will make sure you connect to a local server or host it has no control of who else connect to that server so you could still be in a game with someone from 1000's of miles away and not to mention the netcode etc of the game itself

another reason i lag is the dedicated servers get overloaded and so the r1 will show a nice stable sub 30ms pin but the game is choppy as hell but from what i understand this is caused at the servers but hey theres an awesome new temp ban feature you can use :)

so to sumarise the r1 will not make you a god at your chosen game overnight and it will not completly eliminate all lag but it allows you to have easy controll over your own internet connection and connects you to the best possible chance of good lag free games and free access to any future genius ideas the guys at netduma come up with via the free updates and loads of help from all the guys on this forum.

is it worth it? if your a hard core gamer then hell yes buy it have some patience with it and remember it dont enhance your skill


hope this helps anyone looking to buy

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