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Hyper-Traffic restricting home network?

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Hi Guys


Profile Non-Gaming works great, no issues.


As soon as I switch to my own personal Fifa profile, gaming is perfect but I am unable to stream Twitch, a movie, even videos on iPhone Facebook app can't play a video clip without buffering? 


Congestion set to 70/70, share access is enabled.


Anyone else having these issues?



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What speeds do you have? How are your devices distributed? 


What device/service do you have selected in hyper traffic?

39d/9u BT Infinity

All devices are distributed evenly but when I use the Xbox I have the iPad and a laptop running?

Xbox One Live

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Sorry for the late reply on this. 


Are all devices connected to the R1? No wifi on the hub broadcasting that devices may connect to automatically?


No problems Fraser.


I have BT HH5 > Duma, everything connected to the Duma, WiFi on HH5 disabled, essentially just used as a modem.


However I believe I have found what's causing the issue. Every device connected to the Duma with the exception of my Xbox is behind a VPN. I turned the VPN off for the iPad and it has been working fine. Is there anyway of solving this as I would prefer everything running behind my VPN as it's only a problem when Hyper-Traffic is running?


Thanks in advance

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Okay so sounds like the VPN for two reasons, a VPN will always add latency so if your ping is going up and down that may cause some buffering. As well as this speeds with VPN applied will go down to about 10mbps. So with 70/70 you may not be getting a good enough speed to stream when connected to the VPN. 


Due to hyper traffic sending/receiving everything first and the VPN causing higher pings you may be able to see why this could cause issues when streaming. 

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