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  1. I am, I did the same before DumaOS and all was fine?
  2. Every day I'm having to login DumaOS to turn off then on the VPN, it shows up as failed until switched off then back on?
  3. I renamed all those devices but it hasn't preserved those details when upgraded
  4. I do have a Ubiquiti AC Pro connected (UBNT on the Device MAnager )which has 11 devices connected as I write this but shows none on the Duma Device Manager?
  5. I rebooted my Samsung S7 and it has now appeared on my network map.The device is however under the LAN Map and not the WAN? I will reboot more devices tomorrow, thanks for your help.
  6. All my devices have reverted back to unnamed device, I followed instructions, preserved settings but it seems it didn't work?
  7. Will try it when I get home, thanks mate
  8. https://nordvpn.com/servers/uk-2y-deal/?nvpqt=bnz&gclid=CJWGtJeo_tMCFYQK0wodh_IOnw
  9. I've had the same issue with PIA a few times, especially with the London server, changed to Southampton a few month ago and all worked well until last week. NordVPN has got really good reviews as well. Going to try ExpressVpn with there 30 day free trial.
  10. Thanks mate, at least I know where the issue is. Time to get a new VPN provider, had numerous issues with PIA, if its not 1 thing its another
  11. The reason I tried to change my VPN config was because the speed had dropped from 30Mbps to 8Mbps whilst the VPN was running. I'm assuming this is due to the location the ip is giving, When I ran previous tests with the VPN getting 30Mbps the location was London even though my config said Southampton, my config still says Southampton but is now giving the location of Cedar Falls, Iowa (US) which will surely cause the loss of speed?
  12. So I did a factory reset and all is working again. However, I have my server set to uk-southampton yet when I do a my-ip check it comes up as Cedar Falls, Iowa (US)? I have BT Fibre 52Mbps download but am only getting 8Mbps when the VPN is enabled. Any suggestions please?
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