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Getting full DL but almost no Upload

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I pay for a 200/20 fiber connection I've been having issues with upload being almost non existent (less than 1mbs)


I did a factory reset to make sure I was starting from scratch and followed the "max speeds" guide.


running a speed test I get my full 200 down but around 1mb up.


I'm wired

Bandwidth is set 200/20

Reactive is set

share excess is ticked

No hyper lane set

Turbo mode is ticked



Any thoughts? I wonder if I need to contact my ISP at this point. The only thing that should be limiting upload if I'm getting full download would be prioritization no? and share excess is ticked regardless and there is no uploading going on at my house.

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Somehow this has been resolved. I don't know how. The only thing I've done is disband and reset the wireless connection on my laptop as well as reset the laptop. (even though I had wireless disabled and was using a cable to do the speed tests. On top of that the problem had existed for a couple weeks.


/oh well

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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