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Great Smooth Server For UK Players

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Black Ops 3 PS4


Guys i have been having some pukka games on this server and thought i would share it with you all, in the download there is screen shots of all my settings and the profile .json file to import into your Duma. Remember you might want to adjust speed and Hyper-Traffic.





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i just got the netduma router, can you tell me what i do when i download this, also what is hyper traffic etc ?   im with sky 40down 9up which i have inputed 


Hey, if you read this http://wiki.netduma.com/doku.php?id=manage_profilesit will tell you how to upload the profile. 


Hyper traffic enables your gaming traffic to be sent/received first, reducing spikes and jitter as much as possible. 


Please make a thread in General Support if you have any further questions.

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