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help with slow speeds

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hello.  i have read the wiki on how to fix slow speeds and while that has helped greatly, it has not fixed the problem.


before netduma - i had a linksys ac3200.  when running speed tests wirelessly - i would get ~200 down.


now with netduma sitting in the same location, using the same speed test site - i get ~100 down.



my settings on netduma related to speed are as follows:


reactive algorithm

caps are 100%


turbo mode - selected

deep packet - unselected

all ipv6 disabled


any additional help or steps to get me closer to my original wifi speeds would be appreciated.




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wow - this works!


thank you!  


question - my router knowledge is only so-so, but i assume what is happening is i have all the power of the netduma for geo-filter for gaming, etc but using my router to broadcast a better signal?  


please correct me if i am wrong on this assumption.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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