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Internet Diagnosis Ping Result

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Basically, this is my 3rd day asking questions because I'm new at this. Sorry lol


When I Run the Netuma Internet Diagnosis, the ping results said my Ping is "Terrible". Can I do something to fix this or is my ISP's fault?


I'm using DSL, Technicolor tg582n Modem/Router, 6.76Mb DL/ 0.76Mb UL


Connected 2 Xbox One, 1 Roku 3

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No worries at all!


The internet diagnosis is a pure test of your line. 


I would run Ping Plotter over different times of day/different days. To see if it is during peak times or all the time Then you can take this to your ISP and see if they can help with lowering the ping but it is unlikely they'd be able to do anything. 

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