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  1. Do not come here to damage the community of this forum. The vast majority of us are adults, with jobs and education from all over the world. Behave like that.
  2. I am looking forward to it!Very Excited!
  3. Excellent! More than one console in my house. Now I know. Thanks!
  4. I'm curious to know which one works the best or in which situation one works better than the other.
  5. I thought that, but, It's strange that my nearest servers, lowest ping, kicked me if I don't let the farthest ones into the filter. For example, If this NY server, is outside the filter, I couldn't enter a game. And is a 133ms ping server! Crazy!
  6. I saw them on the Geo Filter. Normally it will kick me from servers several times due to the Filtering. I tried to manually get the lowest ping server in the game menu, but, is hit or miss. I want my nearest server but I end up on Texas servers mostly or NY.
  7. That suggestion works on console (Xbox) too? Because it seems like the game change servers randomly.
  8. Ok. Thanks. That's my go to game. I hope you guys can fix that.
  9. Hi, I've been a Netduma R1, XR500 and now the R2 owner. But, I always had issues to set the best configuration for the Geo-Filter. This is happenening to me with the new Geo-Fencing. I'm trying to lock the best servers and for some reason, the ones i want are the only ones I cant connect to. With Ping Assist or Without it. I'm aware that the lowest ping I can get is 65-70ms, but, even though, I cant choose the best server. Any help or suggestion? My first language is Spanish, so, sorry for any mistake. Ping Heat Map: Loading the Game: Searching for a Game:
  10. I used MS Edge and Chrome (even on android). Same result.
  11. Prioritize bandwidth seems much more realistic, but, 100% download?
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