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  1. The devices were unable to be added so I had to Factory Reset it. Thanks
  2. I rebooted my XR1000 because start to malfunction and did a factory reset, again... Then this happens when I try to add devices to the Geo Filter.... I rebooted it 2 times now.. the same error Update: I Updated the firmware, kept rebooting the router, but, nothing works.
  3. I have to start over using the Initial set up Wizard.
  4. This happened to me like 4 times now. I Reboot it because it start to get glitchy. After that, It's all erased.
  5. Note: I had a few test after posting and the results went terrible.. Then I notices that if I have the QOS on Auto-Enable, the benchmark test shows terrible spikes. After I put it on Always, the test is A+. Edit: I test it when a game is running with Auto-Enable on and the test ran perfectly too.
  6. I use the auto-setup. You suggest me to try it manually ?
  7. This is happening to me too. My problem is, my connection is Coax and speeds fluctuate at peak hours...
  8. I have an R1 and R2 and for fun I switch between them.. This happens to me because I sometimes forget to restart the modem. 🤣
  9. Do not come here to damage the community of this forum. The vast majority of us are adults, with jobs and education from all over the world. Behave like that.
  10. Excellent! More than one console in my house. Now I know. Thanks!
  11. I'm curious to know which one works the best or in which situation one works better than the other.
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