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  1. Internet speeds got a lot better. Range still a bit weak.
  2. I noticed that on the 2.4hz band, channel 1 has the strongest signal.
  3. I tried that too. When I saved the changes they wont stay selected. I can open another app, return to the "Mirror Settings on both 2.4GHz and 5GHzt" option and its on again. Never saw 2 SSIDs wifi options when scanned.
  4. I changed the DNS as recommended, tested on my PC and the speed stills the same. Tried on my phone and the connection is randomly disconnected
  5. To give you more information. I live in a rural area. Not many or no other signals that can interfere with my Wifi. I have at least 8-10 devices via wireless. My internet plan is 200/20, getting Download is 197mb , Upload 21 in the internal test. Speed test, wireless, 1 concrete wall, 20 feet distance, is: 1.94mb download, 3.54mb upload.
  6. I'm having Signal strength issues and sometimes, old devices wont find the wireless signal. To put it on perspective, is on par with the R1's WiFi strength wise, but with more devices issues.
  7. Saludos, Mi recomendacion es que le hagas un reset manual. Necesitas un clip o algo fino, duro, para que lo introduzcas en el boton de reset que esta en la parte de atras del modem por 10 a 15 segundos. Con eso entiendo que iniciara el router sin problemas. En la foto abajo te muestro donde debes hacerlo.
  8. Hi, Any update on Apex Legends? What you could recommend me?
  9. I refresh it every hour... ­čśô
  10. Ok, It looks like it works. I Disabl´╗┐e the SIP´╗┐ ´╗┐ALG and now the system felt much better. I also disabled the Port Scan and DoS Protection, just for the sake of it lol Thanks for the advises. PD. My main language is spanish, but whe you answered me in english I write the little i know.
  11. Ok. I tried and I noticed improvements. But, still isn't as smooth as the R1's wifi. Btw, I'm using old hardware.
  12. Ok I. will try that and update you on this.
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