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virgin suphub2

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Hi after updating my internet today for virgin 200mb service, setting up with the superhub2 was the same as my last router how ever i can not get over 1mb from the duma i have use all the speed info on the forum and i have ipv6 disabled???? had to bypass the duma at the moment and getting over 150mb when not using the duma.

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Hey Leelee,


Did you say you already input the speeds into the 'Set Bandwidth' boxes in the Netduma gui ?


Also, just check to see if you have Reactive selected in CC tab.


In Settings> Misc have:


Deep packet disabled

Cookies enabled

Turbo Mode enabled

Then click Reboot


Now reboot your Superhub2 using power cable.

Reboot your console/pc


Sorry, forgot... Also look at Device Priority in CC Settings and click Reset Distribution and then Update Dist...

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thanks for the reply already have them settings still slow???


I'm not too sure now Leelee,


You say you had the VM upgrade, how is the connection right now ? Do you still get good speeds all day & night ?


I'm only asking as I know one user on here had to reboot around 3 times to get his to work with the right speeds... plus there are loads of complaints on the VMedia forum which are mostly after people had the free upgrade to 150 or 200 but its worse than before they had the speed upgrade.


I would create a BQM (ping monitor) personally and see what the stability is like in real time.


At this very moment I did a speed test, 3.18Mbits down - 5.71Mbits up. I'm on the 100/6 package, upgrade due in Jan then March, now June :angry:

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  • Netduma Staff

Can you try rebooting the router.  Also make sure congestion control is set to 100% and press reset distribution under device prioritisation. Also go to device manager, click edit, enter your speeds, press update and then press yes to auto speed configuration :)

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