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 the settings profile you guys put in are for dsl ping speed.



because when i do dsl reports cable test it shows me with a higher ping

also when i tick share off in device prioritization i need more speed it just lowers it instead of my other devices it lowers mine ps4

but i do test it in dsl reports at lower speed but it is higher ping like 50-100 or 100-150 but when i leave share tick on and devices share speed i get higher speed and my ping is lower by 0-50  i am thinking the profiles you guys got preset are or were done with dsl speed 

seeing since pppoe is first did you guys try testing in U.S with cable i have 150 DL  and 15 UL on east coast Massachusetts.

so i wish that device prioritize worked like give my ps4 80% of speed and 85% upload and my ping is better. also then i would lower my other devices since they only require 1mg dl and 1mg up no what i mean

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I'm not sure I quite understand. 


With share excess off, whatever percentage your devices have they will max out at that number meaning you won't get full speeds. 


What is your base ping as well? It may be fluctuating quite a lot

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