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listening on 8081 & 8082 wan if?

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Recently noticed there's open internet facing (if you're dmz) ports here.


Have stealth enabled and passes the usual stealth tests.


[+] Nmap scan report for my.external.host.name (my.ip.add.ress)
Host is up (0.34s latency).

8081/tcp open upnp Microsoft Windows UPnP
8082/tcp open upnp Microsoft Windows UPnP


I got port scanned from some random ip address this morning which was 12 in a row on port 8082 and only 1 on 8081. guess they didn't find it open this time


Any reason why these ports are open to the world? just me?



telnet external/wanip port 8081/8082 hit enter and HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request



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How do you turn it off/disable it?


upnp forwarding checkbox is unchecked, and upnp disabled under misc. Restart/reboot router and the ports are open and listening.

I just connected to them while tethered to my phone, so they're still accessible to anyone worldwide that wants to connect to them being in a dmz

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Currently I'm dropping incoming on 8081/8082 tcp to avoid anyone connecting.


Is there going to be a way to stop the service for people who don't need upnp forwardings in a new update or rate limit it so if anyone connects they can't just flood/attempt a denial of service on your connection with upnp traffic?


Possible to ask the upstream router via upnp to map/forward 8081/8082 to a closed port/invalid ip so it never comes in via the wan if hoping the mapping is used over the dmz settings?

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