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Thinking of purchasing couple of questions


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Doing some research right now and had two questions about the product. 


First. I currently have verizon fios, I was reading the setup but was wondering with fios, the on demand comes directly from the fios router via the coax connection, was wondering how this would affect the setup with qos.

Second. Is there another hardware revision coming out soon. Usually with my luck i purchase something and about 2 months later a new version comes out (been burned a coupe of times by that). Kinda bummed that the wifi is only b/g/n 2.4 and not 5ghz. Thanks.

Im tempering my expectations and not expecting to be a god at gaming with this but really i'm just tired of the laggy games and almost breaking a controller every night. 


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  • Netduma Staff

Hey, welcome to the forum :)


I'm not sure if that would affect the set-up at all. Maybe someone who uses that can comment on their set-up with it.


There are no future hardware plans at the moment - they're just working on making the software as good as possible.

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  • Administrators

Hi Lucky,


Welcome to the forum. At some point we will have to release new hardware but it's not 2 months away as Crossy said we're focusing on software (our strength). 

If you have a 5ghz router already you can put it in AP mode and behind our router allowing you to mimic a dual band 2.4ghz / 5ghz router :) 

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