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Hyper lane


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Iain explained it a while ago on twitter when he teased the new feature

its a feature that priorizes the gaming packages over anything else in your local netowork and puts them on the fast lane so nothing comes into its way

basically that way you are garanteed the gaming packages leave your network as fast as possible which means no additional lag


say you have a two-laned motorway, the left one which is meant for fast cars is dedicated to the gaming packages while the heavy and slow lorries have to take the right lane

so no jam for your gaming packages :)

(yeah we drive on the right side of the street in the world guys!)


that way your gaming packages dont get queued up by other normal packages or even get dropped which means lag coming from your local netowrk :)

in addition this means that as soon as the Anti-Jitter feature is done by Iain all potential sources for local network lag are solved!

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Does that mean that every device must be on the netduma router for it to work? I only have my ps4, ps3 and pc on the netduma router. All others like my two iphones and ipad and wiiu are on my other router.

All devices must handled or atleast going through the R1 in order to get the full benefit. I have my R1 as primary but all my wireless devices go through my AirPort Extreme which is attached to my R1 as well. So I'm able to get the full benefit.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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