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Why I HATE stackoverflow.com


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So before you all start yelling at me for trash talking a 'fantastic' forum etc :) I have tried to use it multiple times but everyone is so FRICKING unhelpful! 


So time for an example, I posted this earlier today:


I am working on a Raspberry pi cluster and I want a python program to run on it to strain it :) I wanted something fun and semi-relevant so I want to write a Python script that has a variable with a set password, then it runs through every combination until the guessed password is equal to the password variable. Is this easy, I am relatively experienced when it comes to Python but don't know how to tackle this! Any ideas?

(It doesn't need to be cluster optimised I can sort that out after ;) )


So pretty simple question right? Worded ok and not too general? Just a quick simple question of how to start a project. So within 1 HOUR it is flagged by 6 people because it is 'too broad', But rather than them leaving a comment as to why they flagged it or giving some constructive criticism they just sod off! I love the Netduma forum as everyone (generally) is very friendly and helpful, no question is too stupid, too ridiculous ect (but I have seen a few posts that probably should be!) So I am sat here wondering how to solve this problem, yet no one on the biggest programming forum will help..... Any suggestions? 


Aha sorry for the rant! I needed it, thanks again.

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