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My PS4 isn't get attached at at device manger

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After getting some help on here yesterday from a couple of people I have managed to set up my netduma to a certain point.


I have one more problem, my PS4 is not getting matched at device manager. I have checked all my connections with a Ethernet cable

Netduma to laptop (wired) - good connection - 40 down, 6 up and 20 ping

Netduma through powerline upstairs into laptop (wired) - good connection - 36 down, 5 up and 26 ping

Netduma through powerline upstairs into PS4 (wired) - bad connection - 6 down, 2 up and 114 ping


I have took some pics of what I think the problem is but cant don't know how to fix.



My device doesn't seem to be connected as there is no lines going to the device manager like wee lappy


2. post-6416-0-68907900-1452954022_thumb.png

when playing BO3 I look to see who my host was and no red dots appear, screenshot during match.


Is this right? and if so how do I get my PS4 connected?


Thanks again

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Just a heads up try not to post your wan ip. Some unscrupulous people might try to access your network

Can you post a pic of the top portion of your host filtering page?

Make sure you have the Geofilter enabled. When it says disabled it is actually enabled. I know confusing right.


Your PS4 is getting an IP address so that is good.

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Dormant is ok. You're getting an ip address from the router and that the most important thing.

Are you using Chrome or Firefox?

Are you able to run a speedtest on the PS4?

Are you on the most up to date firmware?(1.03.5m) It is located at the bottom of e host filtering page.

Sorry for all the questions.

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Ok. Sorry for the inconvenience. That is incorrect. The developers have disabled the update function so it will say that no matter what. You have to update manually. Hold on I will get you the link.

It's here http://forum.netduma.com/topic/9124-major-router-upgrade-now-available-v-1035/

Follow to the letter. If you have any questions ask before updating.

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Great. If the firmware is not 1.03.5m at the bottom of the host filtering download the firmware update from the link provided to the desktop of yourlaptop. Then go under update>advanced and browse and select the file from the desktop and see if it will update then. Let me know how it goes.

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I have done that, still no connection -







Thank you very much for your help Buck Nasssty, you have helped me alot but I'm thinking I should be able to contact netduma themselves, the forum is good but I need them to fix this as I have bought a product that does not work. Do you have a contact number for them or is there some way of talking to them directly, email address??




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I would imagine that my Device Manager should look like this -




There is dotted lines representing Wi-Fi and the joined lines are Wired, also on Device manager the edit section should have my PS4 as a wired connection not dormant, like this -





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