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  1. Ill factory reset it when ive set up the R2 and let you know if I can get the interface back.
  2. You replied to a previous post i had started. Its an R1 router and i was trying to upgrade to DumaOS 3.0 and put the wrong file in which is my fault. Im stuck on a page asking for a username and password to get back on the interface. I cleared the cookies and site dataas you suggested but no luck. I have no clue what my username and pass is. I bought the R2 today and was going to factory reset my R1 to give to my nephew. Hopefully this works. Any more suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  3. Did you have any luck with this? Im in a similiar situation.
  4. Thanks fraser, you are correct, i had two files in my downloads, one was the .sig and 1 was the .bin. Im sure both were from the download. Ive picked the wrong one. My problem now is that whenever i try to open my interface im getting the last picture. The internet/wifi are still working but i cant access any settings. Should i factory reset? I will be upgrading to an R2 soon but would still like this one to work.
  5. Hi, i bought my netduma years ago and found settings that i liked so left it and didnt bother upgrading. I am now having a problem with my router in which it kept cutting out on me and i had to switch it on and off to get it working again. Last night i done the same thing and then i couldnt load my profile, it kept going to 'general gaming' profile. The userface also had no interaction. See pictures added. This morning i tried to upgrade to see if that would work but that failed and got this message. Does anyone have any advice or help? Thanks Steven
  6. Just an update - ive bought this 'TP-LINK TL-WA801ND 300Mbps Access Point' and i am waiting for it to arrive. Link was not working!! Its cheap and hopefully cheerful. Will i just be using the same password that is on my duma or do i set it again for the access point? Thanks again everyone S
  7. Haha and thanks, Haha and thanks, i love a bit of 'layman's terms', im trying to learn all this stuff and you are all helping. Loving my duma. Ill get myself a router and stick it in access mode.
  8. [quote name="ColonicBoom" post="147975" And, like Buck Nasssty said, if you don't put it in AP mode (leaving it as a router) things can get messy with conflicts and confused wifi. Sorry, not fully understanding this - Would it still be conflicted if i hardwired my new router into the netduma and cancelled the wifi from the netduma? And would i still have to put the new router into access point??
  9. Thats great thanks, just one more thing - do i just plug and go or do i have to change any settings in the new router(not bought one yet)?
  10. Hi all, Im wondering if it is easier to have a separate router connected to the netduma and disable the netdumas wifi. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to it? This would only give me two items in congestion control, i was thinking it would be easier to only have the router set to 20% and my PS4 set to 80%. I have looked for this in past subjects and seen something about 'access point', im not too sure what that is. Any advice would be helpful Thanks S
  11. Well thanks to Colinicboom and I AM MoD Box, the advice worked great. The only problem now is that when i tested the speed directly it was 88 down and 10 up which is close to my 100/12 deal with virgin, with my current netduma settings i get 40/6 My settings on my netduma must be throttling it, what would be a good starting point to acheive those speeds?? My current settings are - Pre-emptive 65/65 Hyper lane (ps4) Misc settings - Upnp ticked My test was done with 100/100 at congestion and my laptop was 100% prioritised Any help would be great, thanks
  12. Ahh my bad, thought you were meaning reset! Ill try rebooting it tonight and ill stick my laptop on and see if that works Thanks
  13. Thanks for the reply, the problem is i had trouble getting the modem/router into modem only mode and i dont want to reboot it as i will have the same hassle again. Im sure im not receiving half of my full speed from my isp and i wanted to check the speed without the router as i think they will try and blame the netduma. Ill give them a phone tonight and see what they can do for me. Thanks again S
  14. I have my ISP superhub 2 in modem mode and using a netduma, this connects fine and runs the internet well in the house. My problem is that when i go to connect my laptop to the 'modem mode' port on the superhub to run a speedtest i cant connect to the internet. How do i go about fixing this? Is it a superhub problem or my laptop ip address problem?? Ive asked this question on virginmedia forum but no one has replied. I was hoping someone on here could help. Thanks S
  15. Hi, just a message to say that you can close this now. I got my hub changed and it seemed to let the netduma work. Not exactly sure what was wrong but its now working so im not complaining. Thanks for your help.
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