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R1 In DA HOUSE - some Noob Questions


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Hi there,


I received the Netduma a hour ago and I have some Questions. I am from Germany, hope my English is not too bad to understand.


I have a 100Mbit Download und 6 MBit Upload Cable IPS. This Settings I set in the R1 Settings.


1. I only connected my PC with the R1, with Bandwith to 100% and on DSLReports Speedtest the max. Download was around 70 Mbit and not constand the hole test. Can the R1 not support 100Mbit+? BufferBloat und Quality Test was A but Speed a D.


With 4 Devices connected (phones - not in use), Bandwith to 100 and 92% Bandwith save for my PC I can´t download something faster than 65Mbit in the Moment. Before I switched the Routers I had 102 Mbit Test with my ASUS R68.


2. I use Windows 10 Internet Explorer and have the Feeling that new Settings will not be saved, new Settings with my Android gettin saved instantly - know issue?


3. Can I protec the R1 with a Password, and I don´t mean WIFI?





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  • Netduma Staff

Hey :)


If you've just got your Netduma I'd suggest reading this.


Answers to your specific questions:

  1. Yes, it can. Follow this guide.
  2. Internet Explorer doesn't work well with the Netduma. Try Chrome instead.
  3. Yeah you can. Make sure you are on the latest version (1.03.5m) and then you can do it in Settings >> Miscellaneous.

Hope that helps :)

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