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Rainbox Six Siege XB1 Whitelist server

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Yep, I added it, waited the 2 minutes or so for the blocked version to vanish, reloaded R6S connected and played (was connected to it when i did a quick grab of the screen).


If that server is blocked for being horrible ping (300+ shows up often) or out of geo filter range it will be failed to connect and only local/situations is playable


R6S also has an in game ping, it seems to show around 4 times higher than peer pinging for everyone.

As p2p game host(game shows the 1 to many device icon like the duma device manager one next to your name you can show up as 130ms ping in game, that's around +100ms


Most likely could call it in game lag comp making everyone roughly equal including negating host advantage.


* this is from playing terrorist hunt not pvp

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