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Potentially better speeds [PS4]


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So a while ago I was having trouble downloading things from PSN

Since all my games are digital , it's a huge pain in the butt having to download 50 GB games at a throttled speed.


I toyed with the playstation for a while until I came up with a solution that worked for me.

In the Netduma panel > LAN (Click Here To Visit Page) , you will see two input boxes under the title 'DNS'.


You will want to go ahead and fill the two boxes with the latest DNS IP's from OpenDNS (Click Here To Visit Page)

You can find the latest IP's at the very bottom / footer of the page.


When you're done , it should look like this.




Make sure you hit 'Apply' after you input both the pirmary and secondary DNS IP's.

Also, make sure you disable 'Automatic DNS', as shown above.

Results may vary , personally for me this worked wonders.

If you ever want to revert settings , simply enable Automatic DNS , or revert to googles DNS: /

Thanks for reading , hopefully this helps you :)

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I think the console takes whatever dns is set on the netduma anyway, i have automatic dns on xbox and it does this, i presume ps is the same.

Correct, if your network settings on the console(s) are automatic , the DNS will be automatically applied from the netduma :)

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