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Constant connection to US servers?

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Hi All,


I am back with a new issue which i have been watching for the past week.


I am constantly connecting to US servers when i am located in the UK with GEO set for the UK only. Could this be an issue with the firmware more than the game? i see the game get the blame for most issues when in fact GEO should always locate me in the UK, i know its not 100% but 1 out of 10 games in the UK this is not a mis-located location.




77MB Down

17MB Up


Any ideas would be of great help and thank you :)


Screen shots attached of settings, cant use the built in uploader as it bugs out on mac.







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  • Netduma Staff

Hi crossy, so set it to 0?


If you don't want to connect outside of GeoFilter - yes. But it is pointless to do that because the purpose of getting games close to you is because the majority of the time, this means they will have a low ping. So if it falls under the ping assist value, then it means it is just as good as a host that might be within your GeoFilter and is probably just mis-located.

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