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Add DMZ mode

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Could you add a DMZ mode to the router so that a single device can be placed on the WAN outside of the firewall?  I'm using 2 routers due to Netduma not working with USB modems and I'm unable to stream or use the Xbox app with the Xbox one because they are now on two different networks.  Netduma's wifi is 2.4 ghz and the speed isn't stable, not fit for streaming.  My other router is 5ghz wireless that stays at a solid 300 mbps connection.


I need DMZ so the xbox can be exposed to the other router and devices directly.  Streaming and other things are otherwise blocked.


And no, I can't connect the Netduma and my router together via LAN to LAN ports. When I do this the Netduma's GeoFilter and other features no long work because my primary router is serving the IP.


Here's a map for visualization

Xbox (Wired) -> (Wired) Netduma (Wan) -> (LAN) Primary Router -> USB modem.



                                                                                    Laptop (5ghz)


Thanks for reading.

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Don't get me wrong I think it is a great idea to have a dmz on this router. All routers have some sort of dmz on there.

But how about using that second router as an access point and using the netduma as your primary router. Use that access point for all your Wi-Fi devices and turn the Wi-Fi off on the netduma. This way you'll be able to use all the features of the netduma and have 5ghz wifi.

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