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  1. Is the partnership with Netgear preventing you from releasing the DUMAOS on the R1. Is that the real reason that the software hasn't been released and the reason the lawyers got involved at the last minute? That would explain the lack of communication.
  2. Sorry I'm having a bad day. Thanks for the update, roll on 2 more weeks. What if I sign a disclaimer saying I wouldn't be interested in rolling back to the old/current version. Thanks
  3. I love this game but at the same time I hate it. Finally finished chrome and my kd started to rise. then they dropped the DLC on xbox 1 and since then in all my game's im negative on KD. I find it impossible to play if im in a party. even on Hard Core you can get three hit markers. I get no footstep noise even after buying the turtle beach 800x headset. Bloody game. my be thats why they are relesing BO4 a month earlier than there normal release date as they know people are leaving WW2
  4. Thanks Jack I didn't know to connect to the hq first but I'll try that also. Cheers
  5. On the geo filter I run a range 550 miles and ping assist down to 15ms. This allows me to cover the server in France as I'm in the UK. However I've notices that the best game you play all night is the first match. Then the bloody match making algorithms kicks in and its carp after that.
  6. I've had this a lot, but it is intermittent. The only successful way I've stoped it from happening is to disable geo filter then reboot netduma and Xbox. Ive increase the geo filter range to 2000 miles and ping assist to 100 but it still happens. So im now running with no geo filter. I think the servers are detecting what we are doing with the geo filter and then throws a paddy. I use to run the geo filter on 600 miles 0ping assist but now if I run this after a couple of games I get the same error.
  7. It looks like the R1 will have the better features than what the netgear will have and if we have issues with the r1 we can go straight to netduma without going threw a third party. Your reply fraser just saved me kids a load of money as I was insisting they bought the new router as they use the WIFI and not me, BAD DAD. Cheers for the update, looking forward to the launch in april.
  8. I also get this. Then normally the game is very laggy and I get stupid deaths. I've started to try and force the game to allow me to host lobbys. It plays much better that way
  9. Ok I'm a bit confused now. If I disable upnp on both netduma and sky router I get an open Nat on the Xbox but moderate Nat on ww2. If I enable upnp on any of the routers (seperatly or together) I get moderate Nat on Xbox and moderate Nat on game. If I disable upnp on both routers and port forward 3075 udp on the netduma as ww2 suggests i get moderate Nat on xbox and moderate nat on ww2 game. Any ideas anyone. Thanks
  10. glad its not only me.. How are you finding the xbox one x. is it worth buying ?
  11. Hi Since the last Xbox software update my Nat type has gone to moderate on Xbox and on games. It says I'm behind a double Nat detected I use sky q. The netduma is in the dmz on the sky q upnp is disabled on this router ipv6 is disabled. On the netduma I have upnp enabled ipv6 disabled. I have two Xbox 1s both play cod at different times. I reset the sky q then the Duma then I turn on Xbox and still the same. I've noticed a new option on the Xbox to change the connection port from 3074 is this worth doing as I'm running two Xbox. If I do test internet connection it says ok. If I test multiplayer or Nat type on the Xbox it says your network is not set up. But yet I can't play on line. Cheers
  12. Hello from sunny sheffield....
  13. Hi all I have an elite controller and the grip stretched and no longer fitted. I contacted xbox and they don't provide a replacement..... £129.00 for a controller and xbox don't sell parts. They actually told me to buy one off ebay. Any way I found these on the scuf website. https://scufgaming.com/uk/scuf-elite-precision-thumbsticks-and-pro-grip-handle-kit/ Just thought I'd share incase anyone else had an issue. Happy gaming
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